VinylmaxMaintain historical accuracy. Meet Homeowner Association requirements. Create a distinctive exterior. Blend with natural surroundings.

Vinylmax offers two distinct exterior color processes: a painted process and a laminated process. Each provides an exceptional durable exterior to match and enhance your home’s beauty.

Laminated and painted Vinylmax windows carry a 10 year warranty on the exterior finish. This warranty includes weathering, specifically but not limited to peeling or blistering and significant ultraviolet discoloration caused by natural environmental atmospheric conditions.

Paint Coating
The specialized waterborne coating is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable. Environmentally friendly. Lead and Chromate free.

Specifically designed for vinyl, the coating has excellent cohesion to the vinyl, is elastic to move with the vinyl as it expands and contracts and has exceptional abrasion and impact resistance.

Superior coating formulation and additives ensure both long-term color retention and low heat absorption. Even in our darkest colors!

Paint Availability
Any Vinylmax product can be painted virtually any color imaginable. Seven standard colors are offered, with a minimum of three windows per color. Even standard colors have an extended lead time. Custom color matching is available with additional minimum quantities, lead time, and matching charges.

Laminated Coating
The acrylic-based foil used to laminate the vinyl extrusions has a light grain texture to it. This rugged finish is available in two popular colors; clay and bronze. The colors are highly popular with homeowner associations.

This laminated finish is available only on select Vinylmax products and standard lead times apply.

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