Creating a better view. Of course, doors are made for coming and going. But some days, they're also meant for peeking through, knocking on or simply leaning agains. Or maybe they're ust a place for you to stop while you decide what's next on your agenda. For those days, Pella® patio doors are nice to have around. They require less of your time and attention - so you can concentrate on more important matters. Our snap-in between-the-glass window fashions won't need constant cleaning. Our screen doors close themselves. And our sliding patio door Rolscreen® retractable screen disappears when you don't need it.

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors are stunning design elements that open up all kinds of delightful possibilities. The uncommon beauty of their wood interiors and richly detailed handles make Pella® hinged doors an impressive focal point inside your home. Plus, they draw the eye outdoors and spotlight your yard, patio or deck.

  • Architect Series®
  • Designer Series®
  • ProLine®

Sliding Patio Doors

When room is tight, sliding patio doors are just right. They don’t swing, so they require less floor space than a hinged door. From kitchen to bedroom, they’re a perfect fit for your home’s style, too. Get a traditional look with the wide panels of the French style. Or go contemporary with narrow panels and more visible glass. Pella wood sliding patio doors have a unique design that puts the sliding panel on the outside — so when the wind blows against it, it creates a tighter seal. * Architect Series® * Designer Series® * ProLine® * Pella Impervia ® * Centera by Pella™ * Encompass by Pella™ * ThermaStar by Pella®

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