New Season for New Windows

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Did you spend your winter under piles of blankets because of drafty windows? Now is the time to consider new windows for your home. New Windows for America advises customers to look for three things when shopping for windows: A good quality window so they never have to shop for windows again as long as… Read more »

Why Replacement Windows, New Siding, and Doors are More Affordable Than You Might Think

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When you consider what replacement windows, fresh siding, and new doors can do for your Denver or Boulder home, it’s an easy choice to have them installed. But, for a lot of homeowners, it isn’t quite that easy – they are afraid of the costs that might be involved with a home improvement project, like… Read more »

Why Energy Efficient Windows are a Hot Topic in Colorado… and What You Can do to Cut Energy Costs in 2014

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Visitors to Colorado know us for our gorgeous scenery and friendly faces. If you have lived in Denver or Boulder for more than a few months, though, you probably understand our second reputation: the one for extreme and unpredictable weather. That’s not always a bad thing, since it means you can enjoy golf, hiking, and… Read more »

How to Get a Great Deal on Replacement Windows & Doors in Denver

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There are a lot of reasons that you could be considering replacement window and/or doors in Denver or Boulder. Maybe it’s time for a new look to match fresh paint or siding, or perhaps your existing windows or doors have become weathered or damaged. Regardless of why, it’s important to choose something that doesn’t just… Read more »

Window Safety Tips

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Nearly 5,000 children in the United States are treated in hospital emergency departments annually for injuries sustained from falling out windows, according to the Safe Kids Worldwide® campaign. Many of those falls occur during spring and summer months as families open windows to let fresh air in but fail to take adequate safety precautions which… Read more »